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TOURGREECE was founded in 1979 by a young and ambitious travel industry executive, Vassilis Sakellaris, who, following his graduation from the University of Athens, had previously worked for two years in the Operations Department of a large incoming travel company and two years later as a General Manager-Travel of an airline handling and tourist agency. 

Successful business planning, employment of high caliber professionals and decisive management, gradually transformed TOURGREECE from a small size incoming travel agency in 1979, to one of the biggest, most reliable and successful destination management companies in Greece, with over 40 full time employees by 2010.


Mr. Vassilis Sakellaris, founder and president of tourgreece, one of the largest Tour Operators in Greece, is pleased to introduce the new graphic identity, the new Logo for tourgreece.

The new identity features a piece of the country’s iconic architecture; the Greek Ionic Column. The colors, white and blue, were chosen as symbols of the Greek flag, the Mediterranean Sea and the blue skies Greece is so famous for. And because less is always more, the simplicity of the new graphic design also helps convey the success and excellence of tourgreece.


The new tourgreece logo is to be used in leisure brochures, travel trade tariffs, print or electronic advertising, websites, social networks, electronic mail, fax, stationary, press releases, memorandums and all company participations in trade fairs, congresses, seminars, conferences and travel shows.


The new logo is introduced along with a multilingual greeting mosaic, a unifying international welcoming theme that reaffirms the connection between tourgreece and all business units of Transat, now one of the largest tour operators in the world with 3 million clients. The logo and the mosaic are to be used in all company travel brochures and publications.


Introducing the new graphic design-logo for tourgreece, Mr. Sakellaris commented:

 “We are extremely pleased with our new graphic design-logo, our new “look”. After 32 years with our old logo; it was time to get a new, a more modern one. Our new logo is clearly and unmistakably Greek and its design and simplicity represent the success and excellence of our company.”

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